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  • Editorial Reviews
  • Proofreading

Do you need another set of eyes to make sure you haven't neglected the details?  Call Ink Think!

  • Developmental Editing
  • Light, Medium, and Heavy Copyediting
  • English Localization:
         Have your documents or web site(s) been translated into English from another language?  Let Ink Think take a look and make sure that you are saying what you want to say in a way easily comprehensible to your English-speaking audience.





Dyanna Larson, principal
POB 81274, Austin, Texas 78708-1274

Phone: 512-922-2731
Email: dyanna@inkthinkva.com

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"Dyanna was a great resource for me while I was preparing a big marketing initiative. I took full advantage of her proofreading skills, which were much needed since I find it difficult to be concise. She made suggestions on areas to change without telling me what to say, which allowed the tone and content to remain in my own voice."
~Denise Altman

"Dy was very professional and easy to work with. She was prompt and thorough
with her work, and I received my project back before the agreed upon
deadline. I would definitely recommend Dy and will be calling on her again
when I have need for proofreading services."
Nancy Cavanaugh, freelance writer



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